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Reuters hit by IM worm

by Nikola Strahija on April 15th, 2005 Reuters was temporarily forced to shut down its instant messaging service after a computer worm spread across its network.

Kelvir-U, which hit Reuters, is a variant of a worm family that targets MSN and Windows Messenger clients and previously posed no risk to Reuters' highly secure messaging network. Security firms report that they received "multiple reports from organizations whose networks have been compromised by the Kelvir worm".

It is said the latest Kelvir variant is rapidly spreading over instant messaging (IM) networks.

The Kelvir-U worm sends an instant message to people and encourages the recipient to click on a URL link within the message. Once the link is opened, a version of the Spybot worm is downloaded and the worm then sends itself to the newly-infected user's contact list. Spybot opens up a backdoor on infected machines allowing them to be exploit by hackers.

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