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Retro virus - a danger to physical media

by Nikola Strahija on October 24th, 2004 A "retro" virus by the name of Bacros, which spreads by floppy disks and CD-ROMs, is spreading all across Scandinavia and was first spotted a month ago.

It’s mean of replication is a throwback to the virus propagation techniques of the 1990s. This illustrates its marked difference from the latest generation of email, file sharing or network exploit-based worms. However some things don't change: Bacros infects Windows PCs only.

The virus copies itself to all floppy disks it sees and also attempts to burn itself to CD-R disks (complete with an AUTORUN file, which will run the virus when the CD-R is inserted to another machine). Unlike current worms - which often try to take over user's machines, Bacros caries a destructive payload – it overwrites any GIF image files it finds on infected PC with an image that says "KUOLE JEHOVA" ("Die Jehovah" in Finnish). On Christmas Day, Bacros attempts to delete all the files on an infected PC's hard disk.

In addition to spreading on physical media, the virus also works as a companion virus, attacking TXT files. For example, when the virus finds a file called README.TXT, it will make that file hidden and drop a new file called README.EXE in the same directory. Bacros is not yet widespread, but the number of infected PC grows everyday.

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