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Reindeer worm

by Nikola Strahija on December 16th, 2005 In the spirit of Christmas holydays, virus writers have made up a new worm, named Dasher, after one of the Santa's reindeers, which targets Windows 2000. Two different variants have already been reported. Microsoft rates the bug "critical" for Windows 2000 systems.

The worm is based on an exploit for a recently patched bug in Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator. Both variants install software that then tries to infect other vulnerable systems, and that also can be used to log keystrokes and turn the computer into a remotely controlled "bot" system.

One version of the worm seems to be ineffective because of the sloppy code, and other variations are unlikely to be as widespread as Zotob. Computer experts agree that the bug in Win2000 is too difficult to exploit, with a failure rate of over 50 per cent.

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