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Home » Hacking News » RedHat RHSA-2003:036-01: mgetty multiple vulnerabilities

RedHat RHSA-2003:036-01: mgetty multiple vulnerabilities

by Nikola Strahija on April 9th, 2003 Several vulnerabilities have been found in the mgetty package which, if exploited, could cause a buffer overflow and permissions problem.

Red Hat Security Advisory

Synopsis: Updated mgetty packages available
Advisory ID: RHSA-2003:036-01
Issue date: 2003-04-08
Updated on: 2003-04-08
Product: Red Hat Linux
Keywords: mgetty spool permission
Cross references:
Obsoletes: RHSA-2001:050
CVE Names: CAN-2002-1391 CAN-2002-1392

1. Topic:

Updated mgetty packages are now available for Red Hat Linux 7.1,
7.2, 7.3, and 8.0. These updates close a possible buffer overflow and a
permissions problem present in versions of mgetty prior to version 1.1.29.

2. Relevant releases/architectures:

Red Hat Linux 7.1 - i386
Red Hat Linux 7.2 - i386, ia64
Red Hat Linux 7.3 - i386
Red Hat Linux 8.0 - i386

3. Problem description:

mgetty is a getty replacement for use with data and fax modems.

mgetty can be configured to run an external program to decide whether or
not to answer an incoming call based on Caller ID information. Unpatched
versions of mgetty prior to 1.1.29 would overflow an internal buffer if the
caller name reported by the modem was too long.

Additionally, the faxspool script supplied with versions of mgetty prior to
1.1.29 used a simple permissions scheme to allow or deny fax transmission
privileges. This scheme was easily circumvented because the spooling
directory used for outgoing faxes was world-writable.

All users of mgetty should upgrade to these errata packages, which
contain mgetty 1.1.30 and are not vulnerable to these issues.

4. Solution:

Before applying this update, make sure all previously released errata
relevant to your system have been applied.

To update all RPMs for your particular architecture, run:

rpm -Fvh [filenames]

where [filenames] is a list of the RPMs you wish to upgrade. Only those
RPMs which are currently installed will be updated. Those RPMs which are
not installed but included in the list will not be updated. Note that you
can also use wildcards (*.rpm) if your current directory *only* contains the
desired RPMs.

Please note that this update is also available via Red Hat Network. Many
people find this an easier way to apply updates. To use Red Hat Network,
launch the Red Hat Update Agent with the following command:


This will start an interactive process that will result in the appropriate
RPMs being upgraded on your system.

5. Bug IDs fixed ( for more info):

78543 - Mgetty 1.1.29 fixes security issue

6. RPMs required:

Red Hat Linux 7.1:



Red Hat Linux 7.2:




Red Hat Linux 7.3:



Red Hat Linux 8.0:



7. Verification:

MD5 sum Package Name
61f0f82bcb856400af7ed07d8f14e7c5 7.1/en/os/SRPMS/mgetty-1.1.30-0.7.src.rpm
0b9d994a33d2da4a8aa863f451932dae 7.1/en/os/i386/mgetty-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
31c4d0bc42d5ec9576b8e1928d57564f 7.1/en/os/i386/mgetty-sendfax-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
6435235949e4c553c8f3f116d86c9988 7.1/en/os/i386/mgetty-viewfax-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
0a5d8b01d6ec299da69332d597c5b0f2 7.1/en/os/i386/mgetty-voice-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
61f0f82bcb856400af7ed07d8f14e7c5 7.2/en/os/SRPMS/mgetty-1.1.30-0.7.src.rpm
0b9d994a33d2da4a8aa863f451932dae 7.2/en/os/i386/mgetty-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
31c4d0bc42d5ec9576b8e1928d57564f 7.2/en/os/i386/mgetty-sendfax-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
6435235949e4c553c8f3f116d86c9988 7.2/en/os/i386/mgetty-viewfax-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
0a5d8b01d6ec299da69332d597c5b0f2 7.2/en/os/i386/mgetty-voice-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
f26f33d9868f6212df1a86984661f202 7.2/en/os/ia64/mgetty-1.1.30-0.7.ia64.rpm
d8b0cea6d7b8b61493f80727078930d2 7.2/en/os/ia64/mgetty-sendfax-1.1.30-0.7.ia64.rpm
a16dc07d8740a8dd3ff37f90540dd96e 7.2/en/os/ia64/mgetty-viewfax-1.1.30-0.7.ia64.rpm
ebe71154e65a6f75b4150023413b09b8 7.2/en/os/ia64/mgetty-voice-1.1.30-0.7.ia64.rpm
61f0f82bcb856400af7ed07d8f14e7c5 7.3/en/os/SRPMS/mgetty-1.1.30-0.7.src.rpm
0b9d994a33d2da4a8aa863f451932dae 7.3/en/os/i386/mgetty-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
31c4d0bc42d5ec9576b8e1928d57564f 7.3/en/os/i386/mgetty-sendfax-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
6435235949e4c553c8f3f116d86c9988 7.3/en/os/i386/mgetty-viewfax-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
0a5d8b01d6ec299da69332d597c5b0f2 7.3/en/os/i386/mgetty-voice-1.1.30-0.7.i386.rpm
55d0d8d95275d776e515e9206acd5ecf 8.0/en/os/SRPMS/mgetty-1.1.30-0.8.0.src.rpm
7a2efcddc4bc8a7ff014d3e5697aef3a 8.0/en/os/i386/mgetty-1.1.30-0.8.0.i386.rpm
d6efc4787ee443b942ef720ffceb8531 8.0/en/os/i386/mgetty-sendfax-1.1.30-0.8.0.i386.rpm
677a355141fcd582be34cd9f60639ce2 8.0/en/os/i386/mgetty-viewfax-1.1.30-0.8.0.i386.rpm
9c226ac2e4c2aeb84e0cd49dc3619cba 8.0/en/os/i386/mgetty-voice-1.1.30-0.8.0.i386.rpm

These packages are GPG signed by Red Hat for security. Our key is
available at

You can verify each package with the following command:

rpm --checksig -v

If you only wish to verify that each package has not been corrupted or
tampered with, examine only the md5sum with the following command:


8. References:

9. Contact:

The Red Hat security contact is . More contact
details at

Copyright 2003 Red Hat, Inc.

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