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Home » Hacking News » Qatar National Bank data leak contains financials, spy data

Qatar National Bank data leak contains financials, spy data

by Walt Upsey on April 27th, 2016 1.4GB worth of internal documents, financial data, spy documents and other files was leaked on a website called Cryptome.

Based on the archives posted on Cryptome there seems to be hundreds of thousands of records including customer transaction logs, personal information (ID numbers), credit card data, scans of identity documents and dozens of separate folders with information on Al Jazeera journalists to what appears to be the Al-Thani Qatar Royal Family.

However, it is a folder named "SPY, Intelligence" that immediately catches the intention of the viewer. It contains a records listed as Ministry of Defence, MI6 (the UK foreign intelligence service) and "Mukhabarat" - the State Security Bureau of Qatar. The MI6 file, accompanied by similar documents holding information on Polish and French intelligence, opens up an in-depth report on an alleged agent. It includes names of close relations, phone numbers, social media accounts and credit card data. To top it off, in one instance, a file marked "wife", opens a photo showing a woman and two children. Inside the "SPY, Intelligence" folder there's also an "Al Jazeera" file containing 1200 records with phone numbers, ID numbers and addresses.

In regards to customers, the dataset contains spreadsheets such as "Account Master", "User Profile" and "Transactions".

On the customer-facing side, the data dump contains a number of folders that are likely to concern users. Some of the listed database spreadsheets are labelled: "Account Master", "User Profile" and "Transactions" however, much like the rest of the contents, IBTimes UK is still in the process of verifying the entire leak.

This data was first leaked at but was quickly removed without explanation. Afterwards a well-known whistleblower website (Cryptome) mirrored the entire data online in an easily accessible format.

Maha Mubarak, QNB media relations officer said: "It is QNB Group policy not to comment on reports circulated via social media. QNB would like to take this opportunity to assure all concerned that there is no financial impact on our clients or the bank. QNB Group places the highest priority on data security and deploying the strongest measures possible to ensure the integrity of our customers' information. QNB is further investigating this matter in coordination with all concerned parties."

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