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Home » Hacking News » PVote 1.5b - Multiple vulnerabilities

PVote 1.5b - Multiple vulnerabilities

by Nikola Strahija on April 18th, 2002 Scripts in the PVote package do not properly check valid authentication of the user and therefore let anyone add or delete polls. Also, there is a problem with the Admin password changing. Anyone can change it or set it to NULL.

Poll vulnerabilities:

  • Adding polls

    ... Where Question is the question, o1 to o4 are the options to choose from in the poll
  • Deleting stories

    Pollorder is the poll 'id' number.

Changing Admin password:
  • Changing to the desired password:

    where newpass and confirm have to be the same as the password you want to change to.
  • Changing Admin password to NULL

    without any variables passed.

- Poorly written script. I suggest you some other script. You can find some on

Some portions of this vulnerability elaboration has been taken off Daniel Nyström's advisory (

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