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PSP Brick Trojan

by Nikola Strahija on October 8th, 2005 PSP users are being cautioned to watch out for a Trojan that turns their Play Station into litteraly an expensive brick. The PSP Brick Trojan poses as a utility that allows gamers to run pirated games or programs.

Although the latest version of the PSP firmware 2.0 stops the execution of custom code on the device, many PSP owners run a firmware downgrade, because of a buffer overflow in version 2.0.

The malware poses as software from the "PSP Team". In reality the code will remove important system files from the flash that makes the system unbootable or a brick, as gamers call it. Eric Chien from Symantec said it would be difficult to recover an infected device. Some gamers have been hit after downloading the malware from gaming forums and running it on their PSP.

-The Trojan can't be executed by accident. PSP users will only get infected if they attempt to modify or patch their device with malicious code, he said.

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