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Poor IT customer support in US

by Nikola Strahija on June 6th, 2005 The international research and consulting group, said email responsiveness in hgh-tech companies is "surprisingly poor"

Even worse, the whole industry is inconsistent with regard to keeping customer data private.

Siebel Systems and Toshiba America ranked last among high-tech companies in the study. Others at the bottom of the list include Epson America, Affiliated Computer Services, and Computer Sciences Corp.
At the other end of the spectrum, HP and Xerox topped the high-tech charts with scores indicating overall excellence. Microsoft, Dell, Gateway, Symantec, Electronic Arts, Accenture, Adobe Systems and Electronic Data Systems rounded out the top 10.

In coming up with its rankings, the Customer Respect Group analysed and ranked more than 660 corporate websites in various industries. The group also interviewed numerous adults about their experiences interacting with companies via the internet, ease of navigation, responsiveness, privacy and customer-focused content.

Terry Golesworthy, president of the Customer Respect Group, said in a statement: "We were pleased to see an overall increase in the industry's Customer Respect Index scores since the last report. But we continue to be concerned that the high-tech industry, which we believe has the know-how to do even better, hasn't yet found the will."

High-tech companies scored an average of 6.4 points in the survey, which was conducted this spring. The industry showed improvement over the end of last year, when the average score was six. The average for all industries in this latest survey was 5.9, with 10 being the highest score possible.

Poor response rates to customer emails were the biggest downhill on high-tech companies' scores, with a surprising 45 per cent receiving a "poor" rating for responsiveness. Computer firms completely ignored almost 27 per cent of email inquiries, the report noted.

The Customer Respect Group's report stated: "High-tech firms overall supplied less helpful answers than other industries with 40 per cent of all responses considered less than very helpful."

The high-tech pack showed overall improvement in the privacy category, with IBM, HP and Veritas leading the way. Yet the industry is only average when compared with other industries on keeping data out of the hands of third parties, the report said. Nearly one-third of the high-tech companies in the study were either unclear about how they handle customer data or in fact shared data with their parties. Eight per cent of sites provided no means to "opt out" of future marketing campaigns.

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