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Phishers vs. Spammers

by Ivana Strahija on May 25th, 2006 Maybe phishers will succeed where Blue Frog has failed – in making spammers lose some of their ill-gotten money.

It seems that famous mafia codex does not apply to phishers and spammers, because security companies are reporting that phishers have found a way to part spammers with some of their money.

The trick credit card stealers use is a rather simple one: -Carders have signed up as affiliates to spam campaigns, but instead of sending out junk mail themselves they are using stolen credit card data to make purchases from the sponsors of spam campaigns, such as online pharmacies, reports an article from Washington post.

So, instead of making more money, spam advertisers indeed lose because of the merchant fees going up and police being warned about their illegal activities.

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