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Personal Side of Being a Sysadmin

by Phiber on January 13th, 2001 Have you got what it takes to be a sysadmin? Can you deal with an annoying user without telling them off? How about that dreaded boss with an idea? In this article, the Personal Side of being a Sysadmin, we will look at methods of dealing with the day to day aspects of keeping all the kids happy in the sandbox.

It's Monday morning, you just got your coffee the right color, and someone from marketing runs up to your cube and begins a bitch-a-thon about "e-mail and network" being down.
So, what should you do? The first thing should be to get rid of the miffed co-worker. As much fun as it would be to tell them to go fly a kite off the roof of the nearest skyscraper, a more diplomatic approach must be used to avoid the "blue room" (also known as the boss' office, where old sysadmins go before they die).
Step One: Remove the annoying co-worker. This is generally done by assuring them you will give it top priority and sort the issue out as soon as possible. They will usually ask for an exact time, down to the second, of when you will "have it fixed." If you can't get out of giving them an exact number, compute the time it would take you to rebuild the entire network from scratch and reinstall their workstation. This will avoid having the user come back and complain if your repairs take longer than they usually would. This also gives you claim to the "Scotty the miracle worker" when you fix the problem much sooner than anticipated. Contrary to what some people may think, this is not a bad thing. It's called problem management, and it results in never having to give anyone bad news. Plan for the worst, and all your surprises are happy ones.
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