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Bug in Microsoft Anti-Spyware | 2006-02-12 12:31:56
The beta Microsoft's Anti-Spyware program is suffering from a bug, which is causing headache to network admins, as well as private users.

Cyber Storm finished | 2006-02-11 14:10:10
Government claims the test cyberattack was successful.

IBM Lotus patched | 2006-02-11 14:09:38
IBM patched six highly critical security flaws in versions of its Lotus Notes. The bugs allow a malicious attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code. Secunia discovered the flaws.

EFF says Google Desktop insecure | 2006-02-10 18:27:10
Electronic Frontier Foundation, a respected nonprofit privacy watch group, recently released a warning to PC users not to use the new version of Google Desktop.

Two critical patches for MS patch Tuesday | 2006-02-10 15:14:37
In its regular monthly patch cycle, coming up on Tuesday, Microsoft is going to issue seven patches, four for Windows, one for Windows and Microsoft Office and two for Office and Windows Media Player.

Russian hackers steal 1m euro | 2006-02-09 16:08:25
Using key logging Trojans Russian hackers were able to steal more than a 1m from French online bank accounts.

1000 cartoon related Muslim cyber attacks | 2006-02-09 14:59:16
Danish and western web sites have been on the hit from Muslim hackers, who protest against cartoon images of Mohammed.

Confirmed Cisco vulnerability | 2006-02-09 13:59:29
Eldon Sprickerhoff, the security expert who presented the Cisco VPN vulnerability, states that all versions of Cisco VPN concentrators running WebVPN are vulnerable.

New Microsoft vulnerabilities | 2006-02-08 12:30:34
Late yesterday Microsoft issued two advisories with workarounds for a privilege escalation vulnerability in Windows and a new code execution hole in older versions of the Internet Explorer browser.

U.S. Government unleashes cyber storm | 2006-02-07 15:46:32
From 6. to 10. February U.S. Government agencies are conducting Operation Cyber Storm, which should show what would happen to the USA if a digital equivalent of Hurricane Katrina should arrise.

Microsoft HTML help flaw | 2006-02-07 15:01:25
Microsoft's is investigating the published proof-of-concept exploit for a remotely exploitable buffer overflow in HTML Help Workshop.

Serious spyware declining | 2006-02-07 14:47:25
Testing 20 million popular games, news and celebrity web sites, scientists at University of Washington found some interesting information.

Hackers bypass censorship | 2006-02-06 16:45:51
For 6 hours the Chinese were able to search the web normally, providing they've entered their queries in capital letters.

19 hackers charged | 2006-02-06 16:06:02
The US government has raised charges against 19 hackers, members of an international group of almost 60 people, accusing them of massive copyright theft.

Russians made the WMF exploit | 2006-02-05 02:19:31
According to Security vendor Kaspersky Lab, two or three Russian hacker gangs sold the exploit for the Windows Metafile (WMF) vulnerability.

Severe vulnerability in Adobe CS2 | 2006-02-04 01:58:46
Adobe Systems has published security patches to plug a serious code execution flaw in the Adobe Creative Suite 2. The vulnerability affects Adobe Creative Suite 2, Adobe Photoshop CS2 and Adobe Illustrator CS2 on both Windows and Mac OS platforms.

No affect from Kama Sutra worm yet | 2006-02-03 21:17:54
The time frame of two weeks from the first instance of Blackworm-Nyxem.E-Kama Sutra virus gave users time to defend themselves, so no damage or file erasing was yet reported.

New Internet Explorer swarming with bugs | 2006-02-03 01:19:30
Although the new Beta 2 is showing many improvements, it took researchers only 15 minutes to find a denial-of-service security flaw.

F-Secure insecure | 2006-02-03 01:08:44
Thousands of worm-infected e-mails were sent on Wednesday form various F-Secure addresses. E-mails were pretending to be from an F-Secure employee.

Microsoft doesn't want to patch early | 2006-02-02 02:00:57
With Friday's threat from the Kama Sutra worm (aka Blackworm), determined to overwrite documents on infected computers, internet security community is on the watch. Well, all except Microsoft.

From hacking to blackmail to court | 2006-02-01 01:21:46
A tip off from British Telecom and a year's work of Met police have brought a blackmailing gang to court.

Critical Winamp bug | 2006-01-31 02:31:40
Taking over the user's system should be a piece of cake if the unsuspecting target is using AOL Winamp 5.12 media player. The good thing is that the critical vulnerability has now been patched.

AMD website hacked | 2006-01-30 23:29:02
AMD company website technical support and discussion forums have been hacked and are now being used for malicious purposes.

Vista will ship without anti virus | 2006-01-29 19:58:48
Microsoft will not implement anti-virus protection in Vista. Company executives state that is because of various business reasons.

Phishing on the rise | 2006-01-28 15:42:15
With computing systems becoming more and more secure, the biggest IT and computer security problem starts to be the human factor, IBM stated in its Security Threats and Attack Trends Report for 2005.

Page: 12...7 8 9 10 11 out of 175

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