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Homeland Security employee arrested for online seduction | 2006-04-05 12:05:07
Brian J. Doyle, according to Miami authorities, was arrested and charged with using a computer to seduce a child. Doyle is a deputy press secretary for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

eBay seeded with traps | 2006-04-01 16:25:04
Since eBay allows auctioneers to change the appearance of their auction pages, hackers also came to know and love the automated tools and available programming techniques.

IE vulnerability exploited | 2006-03-31 14:57:21
More and more malicious attackers are trying to exploit the newest, and yet unpatched, Internet Explorer vulnerability. Attackers are using headlines from BBC news stories to lure people into clicking links in e-mails.

Bagle worm enhanced with rootkit | 2006-03-30 15:43:57
F-Secure has warned of Bagle.GE, new Bagle worm variant, which now includes rootkit features.

Vendors develop IE fixes | 2006-03-28 23:49:02
While third party patches are being deployed to remedy the growing concern of Internet Explorer createTextRange vulnerability, Microsoft is still silent. eEye Digital Security and Determina have both released temporary fixes, available free from their web sites.

200 sites infected with the IE vuln code | 2006-03-27 13:52:25
At least 200 legitimate web sites have been infected with a malicious code, which exploits the recent Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerability, according to Security Fix.

Zero day IE flaw - again | 2006-03-25 22:58:49
Once again Microsoft Internet Explorer brings dangers to its users. The new IE remote exploit is online, unpatched and capable of doing much havoc.

A critical Sendmail vulnerability | 2006-03-22 23:04:19
Errors in the Sendmail program allow a remote exploit, and take-over of whole systems

Microsoft announces war to phishers | 2006-03-21 13:27:22
The software giant announced yesterday it's going on a crusade against phishers, raising over 100 legal actions against scammers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Watch out for tax frauds | 2006-03-20 13:12:15
As April 15, the deadline to fill federal taxes, approaches, security expert warn of phishing scams rise.

Symantec kicks AOL users offline | 2006-03-19 12:50:24
Users who have Symantec Norton anti-virus products and connect to the internet through AOL had quite some problems last week.

IE zero-day vulnerability | 2006-03-18 16:51:57
The Internet Explorer browser has once again been put in the public eye as being less safe. The newest bug can crash the program, and perhaps allow the attackers to even take over the system.

Milosevic Trojan | 2006-03-17 16:55:16
The Trojan week continues as we report of yet another one. Dropper-FB hides in e-mails claiming they have the proof of what Slobodan Milosevic really died of.

Brazil hit by a Trojan | 2006-03-16 19:27:48
The computer security community warns computer users in Brazil to beware of the new key-logging Trojan. They also suspect that variants of the Trojan will soon be created to affect other countries as well.

A blackmailing Trojan on the loose | 2006-03-15 16:38:18
Cryzip Trojan is programmed to encrypt various victims' files and than blackmail $300 in exchange for unlocking and decrypting them, reports Lurhq Threat Intelligence Group.

GnuPG bug | 2006-03-14 18:47:12
Gnu Privacy Guard suffers from a security flaw, which allows an attacker to embed a maliciously crafted code into a PGP signed message.

Apple flaws again | 2006-03-13 18:31:48
Quick Time and iTunes both suffer from serious security vulnerabilities, according to EEye Security Company, which affect both Windows and Mac OS X systems.

McAfee kills Excel | 2006-03-12 15:12:38
On Friday, McAfee anti-virus killed not only viruses but also Microsoft Excel and other applications.

Phishers develop new tehniques | 2006-03-11 13:06:10
As the computer world recognizes the phishing threat more seriously than ever, the villains resort to even cleverer techniques. The newest one is called smart site redirection and seems to be working for the time being.

iBill framed? | 2006-03-10 19:34:04
After all the major websites reported about the iBill database breach, which left over 17 million people exposed, iBill finally responded: we were framed!

iBill customers exposed | 2006-03-09 23:20:31
Security experts warn that over 17 million of iBill customers are exposed on the internet, and that their personal data can be bought through malicious channels.

Firefox getting anti-phishing shield | 2006-03-08 19:01:12
In its next version, Firefox will have a new anti-phishing feature, probably made with help of technology developed by Google.

Japan police gives away private information | 2006-03-07 09:54:05
Information about 1,500 individuals, involved in police investigations, has seemed to leak from a police computer.

Script kiddies crash Symantec users | 2006-03-06 14:04:48
Users of Symantec Norton Internet Security and Norton Personal Firewall got kicked off various IRC channels all through the last week because if the products' specific glitch.

New Bagle worm on the loose | 2006-03-05 21:22:36
Bagle.dw is distributed by mass mailing, and comes as an attachment, posing to be 'evidence' of user's internet criminal activity.

Page: 12...5 6 7 8 9 out of 175

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