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Security BookStore | 2001-01-10 03:50:09
Now you can buy books by clicking here. I have selected some books that I think you will enjoy and like. Only 8 books for now. I will add more tommorow, when I'm sure that's what you like. -Phiber
Computer Security Bookstore

'Analyzer' pleads Guilty | 2001-01-09 23:55:55
Ehud Tenebaum, the Israeli hacker famous as "The Analyzer," has plead guilty in Israel to the 1998 attacks on unclassified U.S. Defense Department systems that once touched off alarms at the highest levels of government. In an appearance late last month before the Magistrate's Court in Kfar Sava, a suburb east of Tel Aviv, the 21-year-old hacker admitted to cracking U.S. and Israeli computers, and plead guilty to conspiracy, wrongful infiltration of computerized material, disruption of computer use and destroying evidence...

HP/UX FTP format string bugs | 2001-01-09 22:15:22
Zorgon has found two format string bugs in ftp server on HP/UX. First vulnerability can be compromised with 'site exec' command and second with 'site' command. Fix will be made in next release of ftp server.
[ Homepage]

IRC threatened by Romanian hack attack | 2001-01-09 16:44:17
A Romanian hacker has launched a major distributed denial of service (DDoS) forcing one of the largest IRC (Internet Relay Chat) networks, Undernet, to shut down much of its service, system administrators said Monday. IRC is one of the Internet's largest and best-established chat systems, predating such technologies as AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ. It has millions of users.

HP-UX v11.00 vulnerability | 2001-01-09 14:49:12
HP-UX v11.00 /bin/cu local buffer overflow exploit - Exploits the -l option. Provides a uid=bin shell.

Fport v1.31 | 2001-01-09 14:42:56
Fport v1.31 is a powerful Windows NT/2000 intrusion detection/audit tool which reports all open local TCP/IP and UDP ports, display the services that are active on the ports, and maps the ports to their respective applications. This tools is somewhat similar to lsof for unix. Allows sorting by application, process ID, application path, and port. Extremely useful for investigating suspected trojans, viruses, and backdoors.
[Homepage] [Download] - Credit Card numbers weren't compromised? | 2001-01-09 14:25:06's speakers have said that during the recent break-in into their credit card database(3.7 million), not even one credit card number was compromised. As you all know, FBI had a internal investigation of Egghead, and stated that Egghead's computer security system has stopped hackers during the break-in process. Egghead also stated that all of the credit card numbers were reported to the company's that issued them, stopping a possible theft.

Working for you..... | 2001-01-09 14:06:51
Today more articles, check it out later! - Admin

Regarding Sections.... | 2001-01-09 00:29:02
Everything under sections will work in 2 days.... Sorry! p.s. Downloads are now possible. (download dir. was lost in moving the page).

Linux kernel 2.4 | 2001-01-09 00:24:13
Here it is! The Linux 2.4.0 kernel. After almost a year waiting from the last deadline, Linus Torvalds and co. are giving us the new, kernel which brings a slate of enhancements that will go a long way toward proving Linux's robustness and suitability for enterprise-level applications. One of the most significant new features of the kernel is symmetric multiprocessing scalability. While the new kernel has a CPU limit of 32 processors on large x86 Intel servers, it is expected to be largely used at the eight-way level. [Homepage] [Download]

Iplog 2.2.3 | 2001-01-09 00:22:43
Iplog is a TCP/IP traffic logger capable of logging TCP port scans, TCP null scans, FIN scans, UDP and ICMP "smurf" attacks, bogus TCP flags, TCP SYN scans, TCP "Xmas" scans, ICMP ping floods, UDP scans, and IP fragment attacks. Itr uns on Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, BSDI and Solaris. [Homepage] [Download]

Nmap v2.53 | 2001-01-09 00:20:53
We added Nmap v2.53 to download section. Nmap is made by Fyodor and it supports various types of scanning. People use it mostly to see what OS is the remote computer running. This is very good and usefull tool ... [Homepage] [Download]

Force | 2001-01-09 00:19:11
Force is a cute little .bat script that forces your WIN32 PC to restart. And in win95/98 it will run again when you restart, so you are in an endless loop. It also can be a good tutorial on howto write batch files. Made by f4rm3r, Xatrix Staff.

BBS Forum 1.0 cgi vulnerability | 2001-01-09 00:15:44
Cgisecurity group has discovered a bug in bbs forum 1.0.Entering a specifically malformed url, attacker can execute commands with permissions of user nobody (or web server). Command execution is allowed and maybe shell spawning is possible. Cgisecurity didn't check for windows version of that forum so it is unknown if it works on a Windows platform. [Vendor Homepage] [Advisory]

PHP 'proof of concept' virus uncovered | 2001-01-09 00:13:23
Could an army of PHP scripting viruses be on the way? A new strain of viruses written in the widespread scripting language PHP could be on the way according to Anti-virus company Central Command....

Stanford snaps up hacker lawyer | 2001-01-09 00:11:59
Its digital economy may be leveling out, but Silicon Valley still has Internet issues heavy on the brain. So much so in fact, that this month marks the opening of the Stanford Center for Internet and Society, a subset of the Stanford Law School. Designed by Professor Lawrence Lessig, the Center will allow students to ..... [SecurityFocus]

Taiwan caputered first local trojan writer | 2001-01-09 00:10:42
Taiwanese police passed a cybercrime milestone last week when they arrested a local student for writing and spreading the island's first trojan. The student, identified as Chiu, a.k.a., Birdman, concealed his progeny, dubbed BirdSPY, in at least 1,000 pirated program CDs. Chiu sold each CD for US$30. In addition to providing a backdoor to infected computers, BirdSPY functions as a metatrojan by infecting hackers who attempt to exploit BirdSPY for their own nefarious purposes. Chiu maintains that he has not used BirdSPY to gain access to infected systems.Taiwanese authorities have asked Chiu to develop a program that detects and removes BirdSPY from infected systems.

Lotus Web Server http vulnerability | 2001-01-09 00:09:28
This is a George Guninski vulnerability #33. Lotus Web Server http vulnerability grants unauthorized access. Rooting out an http vulnerability in Lotus Domino Web Server running on Windows 2000. By entering a malformed URL, an attacker can, via Netscape, read files outside the web root.

News Desk 1.2 http vulnerability | 2001-01-09 00:08:25
The good folks at b10z Security have discovered an http vulnerability ibrow's News Desk 1.2 news submission script. By entering a specifically malformed URL, an attacker can view any file on the server and can list any directories within the server that are accessible to the owner of the vulnerable httpd. The vendor has been contacted. ibrow will be releasing a secure, updated version in the future.

Togheter against crackers | 2001-01-09 00:07:46
About 500 company's (including IBM) have joined together with FBI in a project InfraGuard. It's a tool that allows information exchanging about attacks of a network that's installed on. InfraGard can even submit a possible attack to FBI over a secure website. On that secure website, InfraGuard will put attack information for other members to see.

Help Net Security Newsletter #45 | 2001-01-09 00:07:10
Help Net Security has released it's 45th newsletter. It covers weekly roundups of security events that were in the news the past week. It's worth a look. :)

Wu-ftpd 2.6.1 format bug's | 2001-01-08 23:22:10
Venglin has found two possible format bug's in last version of wu-ftpd. Bug's are located in ftpd.c file and they are compromised with syslog() call.

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