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FreeBSD-SA-01:19 Security Advisory | 2001-02-08 03:18:52
The ja-xklock port, versions 2.7.1 and earlier, contains an exploitable buffer overflow. Because the xklock program is also setuid root, unprivileged local users may gain root privileges on the local system.....

Court to Get Control of | 2001-02-08 02:11:18
Things were looking bad enough for Stephen Michael Cohen back in November, when he lost ownership of the domain name But that was just the beginning. Now, Cohen stands to lose income generated from,, and a list of more than 80 other predominantly porn-related domains registered under his name....

bugtraq2.c | 2001-02-07 22:36:57
Cleaned bind-tsig bug exploit code

Xatrix little celebration :) | 2001-02-07 13:42:54
Around midnight yesterday/today Xatrix Security has received 10 000th page view!

Bind tsig bug | 2001-02-06 23:44:22
Exploit for the Bind tsig bug.

tripwire 2.3.0-50 | 2001-02-06 23:30:37
Tripwire is a very popular system integrity checker, a utility that compares properties of designated files and directories against information stored in a previously generated database.....

New text added in text archive | 2001-02-06 23:20:25
This text is about ath0 ICMP ping which can be used to disconnect people off the net...

Text archive updated | 2001-02-06 23:18:28
We've added new texts to our text archive...

p-smash halts Microsoft Windows 98 | 2001-02-06 00:30:55
Paulo Ribeiro has found an error in Microsoft Windows 98. By sending diffrend ICMP types and codes to a Win98 machine, you can halt it!!!!

Member Login | 2001-02-06 00:16:52
Maybe you have experienced some troubles logging in. This is due to modification in user.php. Everything should work now. Please accept my apologies.

Web root exposure in HSWeb Webserver | 2001-02-05 09:36:53
HSWeb v2.0 is a webserver available here and here. Any remote user can discover the physical path of the web root if directory browsing is enabled.

Sedum HTTP server vulnerability | 2001-02-05 09:32:31
SEDUM HTTP Server v2.0 is a web server available from here and here. A vulnerability exists which allows a remote user to break out of the web root using relative paths (ie: '..', '...') ....

Arp-Scan | 2001-02-05 01:50:25
Arp-scan is a tool which scans for alive hosts in a subnet with ARP packets. Requires Libnet. Made by Nuope.


Stunnel 3.13 | 2001-02-05 01:42:01
Stunnel is a program that allows you to encrypt arbitrary TCP connections inside SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) available on both Unix and Windows...

Frel 1.0 | 2001-02-05 01:32:42
Frel-1.0 is a modified version of fragrouter, used to evade NIDS. The frag proxy can run on the same machine as the attacker.

PKC Security Advisory #1 | 2001-02-05 01:26:04
PKC Security Advisory #1 - The Oops proxy server 1.4.22, 1.4.6, and prior contain a remotely exploitable heap overflow. Includes PKCoops-ex.c, a proof of concept exploit tested on Slackware 7.0.

Download Advisory and exploit

HNS newsletter #49. | 2001-02-04 23:04:25
Help Net Security weekly newsletter issue #49. This is a newsletter delivered to you by Help Net Security. It covers weekly roundups of security events that were in the news the past week.

HNS homepage

Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0 | 2001-02-04 19:55:58
Tiny Personal Firewall represents smart, easy-to-use personal security technology that fully protects personal computers against hackers. It is built on the proven WinRoute Pro, ICSA certified security technology. Tiny Personal Firewall is also an integral part to Tiny Software's new Centrally Managed Desktop Security (CMDS) system awarded a contract by the US Air Force to encompass about 500,000 dekstop computers.
- added to the downloads section.

Download Tiny Personal Firewall

World Economic Forum Says Hackers Got Into System | 2001-02-04 19:31:18
The World Economic Forum said on Sunday hackers managed to breach its computer system during its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, last week..........

Microsoft Windows 2000 RDP DoS Vulnerability | 2001-02-04 15:15:24
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enables remote users to communicate through applications over the network using keystrokes and mouse-clicks...

qDecoder Remote Buffer Overflow | 2001-02-04 09:44:12
qDecoder is an Ansi C Library for development of CGI software using C/C++. Improperly validated user-supplied input to an affected script via the Content-Type header can create a buffer overflow condition.

XMail CTRLServer remote buffer overflow vulnerability | 2001-02-04 02:02:00
Vulnerable systems:
XMail version 0.66 and prior version

Immune systems: None

CTRLServer is a tool of XMail for administering purpose. It listens on port 6017(tunable).
there are some bad programming lead to vulnerabilities.....

Spamming | 2001-02-03 18:47:46
If you have received an e-mail message saying :

Xatrix Security is a computer security news portal.
Check it out!

I am sorry if you didn't want this message e-mail to you, but
I thought You would like the site.

Regards, Crypto.

........................ then we are very sorry for that.
Any member of Xatrix Staff didn't do this.

Juno's supercomputer provokes privacy guards | 2001-02-03 17:44:14
Juno Online Service's jump into the supercomputing business has alarmed consumer and privacy advocates, who fear the move could open subscribers' computers to vulnerabilities--including snooping by third parties such as the government.....

Linux man -l Format String Vulnerability | 2001-02-03 12:42:49
man is the manual page viewing program, included in most variations of the UNIX Operating System. It is freely distributed and openly maintained...

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