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Vulnerability in Resin Webserver | 2001-02-16 22:55:09
Resin 1.2.2 is a webserver available from and A vulnerability exists which allows a remote user to break out of the web root using relative paths (ie: '..', '...')....

Vulnerabilities in Bajie Http JServer | 2001-02-16 22:48:45
Bajie Http JServer v0.78 is a Java web server available from and A vulnerability exists which allows a remote attacker to execute any CGI script on the file system by using relative paths (ie: '..', '...')....

Spamming through SMS | 2001-02-16 22:39:31
Any html or javascript included in a GSM SMS (short message service) message, sent or recieved, will be activated when a person enters the page with the message on it (Inbox or Outbox)....

Windows Media Player 7 skin vulnerability | 2001-02-16 22:32:08
Windows Media Player 7 introduced a feature called "skins", that allows customization of the look and feel of Windows Media Player. If a Windows Media Player skin (.WMZ) file were downloaded from a malicious web site it could potentially be used to run Java code to read and browse files on a local machine. The vulnerability stems from the fact that "skins" are downloaded to a known location on a victim's computer and are stored in a .zip package. If the .zip package contained a Java class (.class) file, any Java code in this class could be executed under the local computer security zone....

FreeBSD-SA-01:25 Security Advisory | 2001-02-16 22:15:14
The advisory describes three vulnerabilities: first, an overflow in the libkrb KerberosIV authentication library, second, improper filtering of environmental variables by the KerberosIV-adapted telnet daemon, and finally, a temporary file vulnerability in the KerberosIV ticket management code.

A buffer overflow exists in the libkrb Kerberos authentication library, which may be exploitable by malicious remote authentication servers. This vulnerability exists in the kdc_reply_cipher() call. An attacker may be able to overflow this buffer during an authentication exchange, allowing the attacker to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the caller of kdc_reply_cipher()....

man -K vulnerability | 2001-02-16 21:58:34
man crashes when too many characters (around 8300) are passed thru the -K option (tested in Slackware 7.0.0).

$ man -K `perl -e '{print "A"x"8285"}'`
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

it isn't exploitable, as the buffer is modified before it segv's.

Provided by enthh on a Bugtraq mailing list

Analog Security Advisory | 2001-02-14 02:06:52
Analog, a logfile analysis program, has a buffer overflow bug in all versions of analog released prior to today. A malicious user could use an ALIAS command to construct very long strings which were not checked for length....

Oracle Security Alerts | 2001-02-14 02:00:47
A potential vulnerability in Oracle JVM has been discovered. The Oracle Servlet Engine in the Oracle JVM security policy recommends granting file permissions in a very controlled manner....

FreeBSD-SA-01:24 Security Advisory | 2001-02-13 23:17:47
OpenSSH is an implementation of the SSH1 and SSH2 secure shell protocols for providing encrypted and authenticated network access, which is available free for unrestricted use.

An SSH1 client/server (ssh) from is included in the ports collection. This software is not available free of charge for all uses, and the FreeBSD Security Officer does not recommend its use.
Problem: SSH1 implementations may allow remote system, data compromise.

There are two flaws in the SSH1 protocol as implemented by OpenSSH and ssh...

tsl_bind.c | 2001-02-13 20:02:04
Bind prior to 8.2.3-REL remote root exploit...

bind8x.c | 2001-02-13 19:50:14
Bind prior to 8.2.3-REL remote root exploit...

Microsoft SQL Server remote exploit | 2001-02-13 19:41:24
SQLExec v1.0 is a remote exploit for Microsoft SQL server...

New texts added in our text archive | 2001-02-11 19:01:29
Two cool texts have been added in our text archive...

Secure Newsletter #2 | 2001-02-10 22:41:25
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Microsoft Windows UDP Socket DoS Vulnerability | 2001-02-09 22:48:24
Microsoft Windows 2000 and 98 are subject to a denial of service condition. Receiving a maliciously crafted email or visiting a malicious web site could prevent Windows 2000 from DNS resolution and Windows 98 from accepting any new TCP connections. This is due to a lack of restrictions on the allocation of network "sockets" by user applications.

Microsoft Windows 2000 Network DDE Escalated Privileges Vulnerability | 2001-02-09 22:45:01
Network DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) allows processes to communicate information across a network via a trusted share...

SSH1 Daemon Logging Failure Vulnerability | 2001-02-09 20:09:01
SSH1 is Secure Shell communicate protocol version 1 specified by IETF draft to protect the integrity of traffic over the network. A problem with the implementation of the SSH1 daemon could allow an attacker to by-pass numerous attempts at brute force cracking a system.

Virus Buster 2001 Buffer Overflow | 2001-02-09 09:00:41
Sayo Ichinose in his post to bugtraq has wrote this:

Hi folks,
I found a vulnerability in the feature of virus scan for e-mail in Virus Buster 2001 from Trend Micro Inc.
Virus Buster 2001 is a Japanese software package that has similar functions of PC-cillin 2000 such as eMail Virus Scanning and Browser Scanning.

Immunix OS Security Advisory | 2001-02-09 02:28:30
Chris Evans has discovered a security problem in the kernel select() call that can lead to information leakage in the kernel. There has also been discovered a race condition that could allow an attacker to attach to a setuid process using ptrace, which would then allow them to modify that process....

TurboLinux Advisory #TLSA2000020-2 (netscape-communicator 4.75-1 and earlier) | 2001-02-09 02:23:01
A buffer overflow exists in Netscape's HTML parsing code. By using specially designed code, a remote website could cause arbitrary code to be run on the local machine....

TurboLinux Advisory #TLSA2001002-1 (slocate-2.3-1) | 2001-02-09 02:14:54
There is a heap-corruption vulnerability existing in slocate. It can compromise slocate's ability to maintain an index of the entire file- system as well as its ability to read user-specified databases...

QNX RTP ftpd stat Buffer Overflow Vulnerability | 2001-02-08 23:36:34
RTP is the free version of the Real Time Operating System distributed by QNX Software Systems, Limited. It includes standard UNIX-type services, and is designed as a scalar operating system...

FreeBSD-SA-01:22 Security Advisory | 2001-02-08 22:33:38
The dc20ctrl port, versions prior to 0.4_1, contains a locally exploitable buffer overflow. Because the dc20ctrl program is also setgid dialer, unprivileged local users may gain gid dialer on the local system. This may allow the users to gain unauthorized access to the serial port devices....

P.S. This is the 100th story posted on Xatrix Security!

FreeBSD-SA-01:21 Security Advisory | 2001-02-08 03:46:54
The ja-elvis and ko-helvis ports, versions prior to ja-elvis-1.8.4_1 and ko-helvis-1.8h2_1, contain an exploitable buffer overflow in the elvrec utility. Because elvrec is setuid root, unprivileged local users may gain root privileges on the local system....

FreeBSD-SA-01:20 Security Advisory | 2001-02-08 03:25:03
The mars_nwe port, versions prior to 0.99.b19_1, contains a remote format string vulerability. Because of this vulnerability, a malicious remote user sending specially-crafted packets may be able to execute arbitrary code on the local system, potentially gaining root access....

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