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Mobydisk's NetSuite 1.02 buffer overflow exploit | 2001-02-28 15:51:33
Coaxial Karma sent his exploit for Netsuite 1.02 Web Server.
The Server's vulnerability was released on Xatrix. You can read about it here and download Coaxial Karma's exploit (and source) here.

Cisco SNMP Read-Write ILMI Community String Vulnerability | 2001-02-28 15:40:55
Cisco IOS software releases based on versions 11.x and 12.0 contain a defect that allows a limited number of SNMP objects to be viewed and modified without authorization using a undocumented ILMI community string. Some of the modifiable objects are confined to the MIB-II system group, such as "sysContact", "sysLocation", and "sysName", that do not affect the device's normal operation but that may cause confusion if modified unexpectedly. The remaining objects are contained in the LAN-EMULATION-CLIENT and PNNI MIBs, and modification of those objects may affect ATM configuration. An affected device might be vulnerable to a denial-of-service attack if it is not protected against unauthorized use of the ILMI community string.

A1 Server v1.0a HTTPd (DoS & Dir Traversal) | 2001-02-28 15:28:01
A1 Server v1.0a is a HTTPd server for the Windows OS, and it will deliver the following content: GIF images, HTM or HTML pages, EXE files, and ZIP files. The server is very small, but yet somewhat stable and is freeware! (Yeah. right)

Svidnet banner exchange | 2001-02-27 19:48:02, a young but rapidly growing site is there to make your site get traffic you need. Great click ratios and free service is available.
English and Croatian version available.
Svidnet banner exchange

Deleted themes | 2001-02-27 19:44:58
This is a notice just to tell all registered user to modify their default theme to "Xatrix". Other themes are deleted. Why?
It doesn't matter :)
New themes will be available in the next few days.

Marketing companies take tips from hackers | 2001-02-26 19:19:36

By Stefanie Olsen, CNET
Companies are learning lessons from hackers in their fight for page impressions - and many believe they have now crossed the line

Lookout for Outlook bug | 2001-02-26 19:12:58
Lookout for Outlook bug
Virtual business cards could spread real havoc.
By , The Register

imapd_exploit.c | 2001-02-26 19:01:26
A remotely exploitable stack overflow has been discovered in Imapd v12.264 and below in the handling of the lsub command...

OpenSSH ssh-1 exploit | 2001-02-26 18:53:27
This article discusses the recently discovered security hole in the crc32 attack detector as found in common ssh packages like OpenSSH and derivatives using the ssh-1 protocol.

Serv-U 2.5i DoS | 2001-02-26 18:44:43
New Denial of Service attack taken from the BT mailing list...

Bad Bug in XFree86 4.0.2 | 2001-02-26 18:41:22
A new bug in XFree86 4.0.2. Taken from the BT mailing list...

exklock.c | 2001-02-25 22:34:44
FreeBSD X key lock (xklock) v2.7.1 and below local root exploit...

TurboLinux Security Announcement #TLSA2001004-1 | 2001-02-25 16:51:20
Package: Bind
Vulnerable Packages: All versions previous to 8.2.3
Two vulnerabilities have been discovered in ISC BIND 8.

Microsoft Security Advisory MS01-012 (Outlook) | 2001-02-25 16:36:51
Outlook Express provides several components that are used both by it and Outlook, if Outlook is installed on the machine. One such component, used to process vCards, contains an unchecked buffer...

Working Resources BadBlue Path Disclosure Vulnerability | 2001-02-23 22:02:35
Requesting a specially crafted URL to a machine running Working Resources BadBlue, will disclose the physical path to the root directory.

Working Resources BadBlue DoS Vulnerability | 2001-02-23 21:56:47
It is possible for a remote user to cause a denial of service condition in Working Resources BadBlue...

Microsoft Windows 2000 Domain Controller DoS Vulnerability | 2001-02-23 21:43:06
A denial of service condition exists in Windows 2000 domain controllers. Submitting numerous invalid requests to a domain controller could cause the system to stop responding.

Secure Newsletter #3 | 2001-02-23 19:32:58
Xatrix Security has released it's 3rd newsletter, called Secure.
New addition is a column.
This week, f4rm3r explains his view of defacing web sites.

Secure Newsletter archive is available here.

McDonalds Web site hacked by fluffy bunny | 2001-02-23 10:40:41
The cracker broke into the company's Web server and defaced the site with a parody of the burger giant's genuine homepage, renaming the company McB00biez....

Microsoft Security advisory MS01-011 | 2001-02-23 01:49:02
A core service running on all Windows 2000 domain controllers (but not on any other machines) contains a flaw affecting how it processes a certain type of invalid service request. Specifically, the service should handle the request at issue here by determining that it is invalid and simply dropping it; in fact, the service performs some resource-intensive processing and then sends a response....

Linux-Mandrake Security Update Advisory | 2001-02-22 01:25:35
A buffer overflow exists in the 'crontab' command if it was called by a user with a username longer than 20 characters. If the system administrator has created usernames of that length, it would be possible for those users to gain elevated privileges.

NetSuite 1.02 Web Server Vulnerability | 2001-02-19 23:20:22
A web server available from MobyDisk website has a buffer overflow bug.
This is acomplished by sending more than 200 characters.

Example:[200 a's]

BlackICE Defender 2.1 | 2001-02-18 19:53:59
BlackICE Defender delivers bulletproof intrusion detection and personal firewall protection to your PC. It scans your DSL, cable, or dial-up Internet connection looking for hacker activity, much like antivirus programs scan your hard disk looking for viruses. BlackICE will not slow down your PC or your Internet experience....

New file additions | 2001-02-18 01:29:23
Here are some tools that we have added to the Download section. For more information (list, description), click here.

NetBSD Security Advisory 2001-003 | 2001-02-16 23:19:11
NetBSD systems may have a number of different implementations and versions of Secure Shell installed, either integrated with the system or third-party packages from pkgsrc.

A recent RAZOR Bindview Advisory (CAN-2001-0144) describes a buffer overrun vulnerability in Secure Shell daemons which may be present on some NetBSD systems....

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