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iPod unsafe | 2006-01-28 15:41:26
Hard drive iPods tend to keep your data, even after you've erased it.

Blackworm will overwrite files | 2006-01-27 19:06:39
Blackworm, also known as Nyxem, MyWife or Tearec is programmed to overwrite user's files on 3 February. It has already infected more than 300,000 systems worldwide.

Cisco patches away | 2006-01-27 18:03:25
Cisco Systems has issued patches in the last two days for vulnerabilities in IOS authorisation feature and for a weakness that enables a DDoS attack on certain VPN concentrators.

Microsoft sues! | 2006-01-26 18:37:00
Instead of being sued, Microsoft is on the other end of the courtroom now. Backed up by Washington State, the company is suing a Secure Computer firm for using scare tactics to sell ineffective anti-spyware software.

Google it obeying Chinese laws | 2006-01-26 17:36:30
After Microsoft and Yahoo, another great computer and IT related company has given in for the inhumane Chinese laws. Google has produced a special Chinese search service that blocks access to any information which the Chinese government finds inapropriate.

University against 'badware' | 2006-01-25 23:08:08
Harvard and Oxford University have erected a hall of shame on a website, naming webs that traffic spyware or questionable forms of adware.

British government survives zero day WMF attack | 2006-01-25 01:44:18
No thanks to Microsoft, the British government survived a China originating WMF attack. English were smart enough to have an email filtering system.

Another hacker pleads guilty | 2006-01-24 01:27:19
Jeanson James Ancheta, accused of running botnets and making money with it, pleaded guilty to four charges and could face between five and 25 years in prison. This is the first time in America that a hacker has been convicted not only for creating and spreading malicious code but also for making money from it.

Oracle no more secure than others | 2006-01-24 01:18:26
After Oracle recently patched more than 100 bugs, Gartner warns that Oracle databases are not as secure as one may think.

Serious security hole in Linux | 2006-01-23 23:55:15
The bug in KDE graphical user interface is rather serious, Linux vendors have warned. Kjs affected here is vulnerable from versions 3.2.0 to 3.5.0.

Vienna after Vista | 2006-01-23 23:52:37
While the rest of the world is still waiting for Windows Vista to ship out, Microsoft has already changed the codename of the next distribution twice. Its Vienna instead of Blackcomb now!

F-Secure patches 23 flaws | 2006-01-22 22:25:26
Thierry Zoller, an independent security researcher, has found vulnerabilities in 23 editions of F-Secure Anti-Virus, Internet Gatekeeper, and Internet Security. The bugs affect how it parses .zip and .rar files.

Apple admits spying with iTunes | 2006-01-21 22:21:30
Apple admitted collecting and transmitting information about iTunes MiniStore customers. The store now has a warning telling you about it.

Cisco suffering from security holes | 2006-01-20 23:22:27
Three serious vulnerabilities have been patched in Cisco IP PBXs and routers.

Google resisting US government | 2006-01-20 15:28:31
Google is refusing to help the US government defend its Child Online Protection Act (COPA) law in court, by resisting to hand over statistical data.

Nyxem-D worm delivers Kama Sutra | 2006-01-19 20:39:09
Relying on a combination of user stupidity and erotic content, the new worm email tries to infect Windows computers.

New keylogging trojan attacks | 2006-01-19 20:33:08
A variant of the Keylog-sters Trojan, which appeared almost a year ago, is spreading rapidly across the net. It has hit thousands of computers in America and England, but only a hundred in Australia.

Vulnerabilities in backup software | 2006-01-19 19:27:34
Veritas Netbackup and EMC Networker, both backup applications, were hit by several serious security vulnerabilities, which are now patched.

Windows WiFi laptops open for exploit | 2006-01-19 00:38:14
Mark Loveless, a security researcher at Nomad Mobile Research Centre, recently dicsoveread a flaw in Windows WiFi managment. He named the flaw "configuration error". It allows malicious attackers to take advantage of Windows laptops with Wi-Fi capabilities, opening up their hard drives.

Over 100 Oracle bugs patched | 2006-01-18 22:45:15
In its quarterly update Oracle's patched more than 100 separate vulnerabilities in its software. The fixes for flaws in its PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards portfolios were also included.

Sony BMG long from over | 2006-01-17 19:53:20
ShmooCon hacking conference held this weekend revealed one more interesting information: Hundreds of thousands of networks, including military and government, still contain PCs with the Sony BMG copy-protection software.

Spammers into Russian oil | 2006-01-17 19:43:56
The old 'help me get my money back for a fee' trick has gone from African coasts to harsh Russian winter. Fraudsters are attempting to fool computer users into thinking they are in line to receive money from a jailed Russian oil tycoon through an aggressive new spam campaign.

ClamAV vulnerability pached | 2006-01-16 16:46:51
Security researchers have discovered a serious security flaw in ClamAV, which is mainly used with Unix and Linux.

Million Dollar Home Page under DDoS | 2006-01-15 23:38:06
It seems like the media coverage of Million Dollar Home Page brought the site much more than pixel buyers alone. The site's hosting company announced MDHP is coming under intense DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.

First Vista security patch | 2006-01-15 23:00:00
The first critical security update for Windows Vista was on its way this weekend, Microsoft sending it to all beta testers running the Windows Vista December CTP and Windows Vista Beta 1.

Page: 12...8 9 10 11 12 out of 175

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