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Home » Hacking News » Outlook Express 6 Attachment Security Bypass

Outlook Express 6 Attachment Security Bypass

by Phiber on September 2nd, 2001 A vulnerability exists which allows a file embedded within an HTML frame in an email message to bypass the dangerous file attachment type security feature. When a message containing an attachment embedded in this way is opened or previewed, the user is automatically prompted to open or save the attachment.

If the user attempts to open the file immediately, the action will fail. However, an assembler coded .exe attachment which has had it's extension changed to .bat will execute immediately. Regardless of the extension type, the user is able to save the attachment to disk.

Exploit example:

Is available from SecurityFocus.


Microsoft Outlook Express is a email/newsgroup reader available in a package with Internet Explorer. Outlook Express 6 and Internet Explorer 6 are shipped with Windows XP by default.

- Although it contains a new security feature which prevents users from opening a potentially harmful file attachments it is still vulnerable.

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