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Home » Hacking News » Oracle iSQL*Plus buffer overflow vulnerability (#NISR04112002)

Oracle iSQL*Plus buffer overflow vulnerability (#NISR04112002)

by Nikola Strahija on November 5th, 2002 Oracle iSQL*Plus is a web based application that allows users to query the database. It is installed with Oracle 9 database server and runs on top of apache. The iSQL*Plus module is vulnerable to a classic buffer overflow vulnerability.

The iSQL*Plus web application requires users to log in. After accessing the
default url, "/isqlplus" a user is presented with a log in screen. By
sending the web server an overly long user ID parameter, an internal buffer
is overflow on the stack and the saved return address is overwritten. This
can allow an attacker to run arbitrary code in the security context of the
web server. On most systems this will be the "oracle" user and on Windows
the "SYSTEM" user. Once the web server has been compromised attackers may
then use it as a staging platform to launch attacks against the database
server itself.

Fix Information
NGSSoftware alerted Oracle to this problem on the 18th of October and
Oracle, last week, issued an alert. The Oracle bug number assigned to this
issue is 2581911. Patches can be downloaded from the Oracle Metalink site

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