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Opera version 8 published

by Nikola Strahija on April 19th, 2005 Opera Software released the final version of Opera 8 for Windows and Linux, and a beta of 8 for Mac is also available.

Version 8 is described by Opera as a substantial upgrade, with many upgrades in UI and menu structure, voice control, extra security features and improvements to graphics and page sizing. By doing this, Opera Software is trying to keep up with IE and Firefox.

Opera has added a security information field that makes the security level of the sites you're browsing more obviously visible, one of the more striking features of the new version is the browser's display capabilities. Small screen rendering, Extensible Rendering Architecture and Scalable Vector Graphics together give you an impressive amount of flexibility in terms of screen size, the amount of information you can have in front of you at once, and the way you order that information.

Along with the UI clean-up Opera has added quite a few small but useful features, and moved various menu items around. The close page button, for example, has now moved to the tab of the page, while a trashcan keeps a list of closed pages and blocked pop ups, and a view button shows and hides controls. The built-in RSS reader is no longer categorised as mail, while the mail client itself is hidden until you create an account.
Opera remains free in ad-sponsored mode, or is $39 for ad-free.

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