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Home » Hacking News » NSS_PostGreSQL Remote SQL Query Manipulation

NSS_PostGreSQL Remote SQL Query Manipulation

by Phiber on September 12th, 2001 The NSS database module 'nss_postgresql' is prone to a vulnerability which will allow SQL queries to be manipulated via a HTTP request. Data that is included in SQL query strings is not adequately sanitized. It may be possible for malicious users to modify the structure of SQL queries.

It is believed that the attacker would need an interactive account on the vulnerable host to exploit this issue. Attacks will be executed on the database server as the database user that is making the query.

This issue allows the user to access resources that would normally be restricted, which may in turn provide an opportunity for the attacker to exploit other vulnerabilities that exist in the server.


NSS(Name Service Switch) can use PostgreSQL as a back-end for database-based authentication.
- Credits go to Florian Weimer ([email protected])

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