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Norton Internet Security

by Ivana Strahija on July 25th, 2006 Yahoo and Symantec have teamed up to give its users a cheap security product, giving them more security on the internet, doing internet banking and searching.

The Microsoft's debut to the security vendor market sure enough stirred up some ghosts. By offering OneCare for a security all-in-one bundle Microsoft announced a new era of its business, and made security vendors try harder for its share of the market.

Symantec and Yahoo were the first ones to present a direct opponent to the Microsoft OneCare, with a product named Norton Internet Security. The new product will be distributed through Yahoo, with Yahoo users receiving a free tryout.

As the companies explained, for both of them this is a win-win situation. Symantec will get access to millions of new potential clients, while Yahoo will prosper by users feeling safer browsing, searching and banking online.

The 30 day free trial of Norton Internet Security will offer full functionality: spam and adware blocking and anti-virus features. After the trial, users will be offered to purchase a 12 month subscription for just under $50, which is a $20 discount specially for Yahoo users.

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