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Home » Hacking News » Nokia and Motorola are cheated for 3 bilions USD

Nokia and Motorola are cheated for 3 bilions USD

by Nikola Strahija on January 31st, 2002 Nokia and Motorola brought an action against owner of Turkish mobile provider "Telsim", together, beceause of cheating and threats.Companies are demanding for return about 3 bilions USD through lawsuite on American Federal court in New York, reference to direction of american law against extortion.

That is to say, last few years there was a practice that on highly growth markets
like Turkia, China, and Latin America, big manufacturer of equipment for mobile nets,
are financialy helping mobile providers giving them a credit for buying their equipment.
Nokia and Motorola are claiming that, family Uzan, whitch property is mobile provider "Telsim",had no
intention to pay off his debts and they ilegally decreased shares of two companies in property of "Telsim".
Also Nokia and Motorola are claiming, that the "borrowed" money was ilegally transferred on the accounts of
other companies in property of family Uzan. Also, they said that there were threats addressed to
their managers, unfounded accuses were brought up against them, and that hacking in computer systems of Motorola has been accomplished.

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