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No security for Windows XP?

by Nikola Strahija on June 7th, 2004 With the upcoming Service pack 2 for Windows XP, many people using pirated versions of this OS will not be able to secure their PC. This update is due to be released during this summer.

While Service Pack 2 (SP2) will close security loopholes and add new features, it will implement a security feature that will make Windows XP much more resilient to many of the ways that malicious hackers and virus writers have exploited it before now. (for how long?)

With the new SP2 installed, users will be forced to make explicit choices aout how secure they want their PC to be. Also, the long-awaited popup blocker and a spyware monitor will also be implemented with the installation of SP2.

Once installed, SP2 changes the way future updates are installed by simply downloading only the parts that have changed. (finnaly)
According to Microsoft's UK manager, Paul Randle, this update change should reduce future patch download times by up to 80%.

Paul Randle told the BBC News Online:
"It is not a normal service pack,"... "We are breaking our own rules that said we would not put new code into service packs."

While this sounds great, knowing Microsoft, average PC users will be forced to call the Microsoft Tech support.

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