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Home » Hacking News » No affect from Kama Sutra worm yet

No affect from Kama Sutra worm yet

by Nikola Strahija on February 3rd, 2006 The time frame of two weeks from the first instance of Blackworm-Nyxem.E-Kama Sutra virus gave users time to defend themselves, so no damage or file erasing was yet reported.

The worm was supposed to start deleting files from infected computers today, but it seems that only a few computers, if any were damaged. Unconfirmed rumors state that there was an outbreak in India.

Lack of information is due to working hours of infected users, which will be turning on their computers when they come home. If infected, computers will come under full blow of Blackworm then. Also, many people decided to keep their computers off just in case.

Up to 300,000 machines may be infected worldwide, with concentrations in India, Turkey, Mexico, Peru and Australia, according to antivirus vendors.

Security experts also confirmed that the worm has slowed down its spreading.

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