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New variant mobile worm

by Ivana Strahija on August 7th, 2006 F-Secure reports of a Russian made mobile worm which seems to employ new techniques and is suspected to be very aggressive.

The security experts of F-Secure announced that a new variant of already well known Commwarrior, Q version, is on the loose, spreading through BlueTooth interface, MMS messages and infected memory cards. The infection possibility is lowered by the fact that each user will first receive a prompt asking if a SIS file should be received.

The worm, once it infects the Symbian OS phone (versions older than version 8.1), will try to spread by assembling and sending infected MMS messages from midnight to 7 am, when it will switch to scanning the neighborhood for Bluetooth devices to infect.

The worm is rather difficult to detect because it takes different names, but the user should be well aware of it, as it will randomly display an HTML page saying how interesting it is to have an infected phone and how it will do no significant harm.

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