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New file additions

by Phiber on February 18th, 2001 Here are some tools that we have added to the Download section. For more information (list, description), click here.

razorback-0.1.0.tar.gz ...Razorback is a log analysis program for Gnome which interfaces with the Snort Intrusion Detection System to provide real time visual notification when an intrusion signature has been detected on the network

backlog.exe ....BackLog is a Windows NT service that facilitates the real time central collection and processing of Windows NT Event Log information. All three event logs (Application, System and Security) are monitored, and event information is converted to comma delimited text format, then delivered over UDP to a remote server. BackLog is currently configured to deliver audit information to a SYSLOG server running on a remote (or local) machine. ...Snarp is a tool for NT 4.0 which uses an ARP poison attack to relay traffic between two hosts, allowing sniffing of the data on switched networks.

monitord-3.5beta.tar.gz ...The Network Security Monitor Daemon is a lightweight network security monitor for TCP/IP LANs which will capture certain network events and record them in a relational database. The recorded data is then made available for analysis via a CGI-based interface.

rootjail-0.1.tar.gz ...RootJail is a small program designed help run dangerous or unreliable services more securely. It works like init in that it spawns processes and watches for them, respawning them upon death. If the child is misbehaving, in that it's dieing repeatedly, it is then disabled.

SAStk- ...SAStk (Slackware Administrators Security tool kit) aims to provide a set of tools and utilities to install and maintain a reasonable level of security for the Slackware GNU/Linux distribution. At the same time, it should ease administration with a new centralized initialization setup and background information on what each daemon does.

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