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NetSuite 1.02 Web Server Vulnerability

by Phiber on February 19th, 2001 A web server available from MobyDisk website has a buffer overflow bug.
This is acomplished by sending more than 200 characters.

Example:[200 a's]

Discovered by : Xatrix Security (17/02/2001)

Vulnerable Server: Moby Netsuite Web Server

Infected Version: 1.02

Vendor Conacted: YES



- Moby Netsuite web server is a free web server for win 9x/NT

which can be downloaded from

It supports CGI scripting and it is easly configurable.


- By sending more than 200 charachters it can be crashed ...

(Windows kernel will report that NetSuite has caused an unknown error :)

Example: [ more than 200 a's]

Solution: Wait for new version of NeSuite web server or a patch.

[ EOF - 18/02/2001 ]



- Phiber

"Security is completly theoretical"

Xatrix Security,

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