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Home » Hacking News » MySQL revealed 9 thousand user e-mails

MySQL revealed 9 thousand user e-mails

by Ivana Strahija on June 16th, 2006 Instead of placing addresses into recipients window, the rookie employee of the MySQL company copy/pasted it into the message body, and sent it away to those, and other users. The company blames it on the new guy. Sure.

The open-source MySQL AB sent an apologetic e-mail to all of the 9300 people whose addresses were revealed in a mass-mail incident earlier this week. Instead of sending the newsletter and some promotional info about the company, their employee managed to send out people's e-mail addresses.

The MySQL company also stated that 9300 addresses represented only a small portion of their users, and that they are sure to implement a stricter mass-mailing policy so that this wouldn't happen again.

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