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mysql-injection-bug in phpGB

by Nikola Strahija on September 9th, 2002 phpGB ist a php/mysql based guestbook. Admin can change all settings within a php interface. Unfourtunately the author relies on php Magic-Quotes for adding slashes to some user input without mentioning this anywhere in the docs. Therefore it is possible to use an sql-injection-attack to log in as admin without having the correct password, when magic_quotes_gpc is not enabled.

More details
- ------------
If the affected webserver has not enabled php's magic_quotes_gpc in
the php.ini, it is possible to login as administrator without needing
any password. The affected page for the login is /admin/login.php. A
possible blackhat is able to add new admins, delete or edit any
guestbook entries and change any configuration including sql-server

- ----------------
Use an existend administrator name (default is admin here) and use the
following password:
"' OR 'a'='a"
You will be authenticated if magic_quotes_gpc is not enabled.

- -------------
Enable magic_quotes_gpc in php.ini.

- ---
phpGB 1.30 is not fixing this vulnerability correctly, so use phpGB 1.40.

- -------------
There are not many servers affected, because Magic-Quotes are enabled
per default when installing php. So we decided to rate the security
risk medium-high.

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