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Home » Hacking News » MySpace and Internet Explorer - the perfect hacker combination

MySpace and Internet Explorer - the perfect hacker combination

by Nikola Strahija on July 21st, 2006 A small hacker has little to pray for these days, as MySpace and unpatched Internet Explorer are enough to get him all the access he wants.

An advertisement for, found in so many MySpace sites and profiles, exploits a well-known vulnerability in Internet Explorer's handling of WMF files. Which means that you needn't click on a link or a photo to get infected all you have to do is to preview the site sporting a mined image and get your computer full of nasty malware.

The image ad installs a Trojan on your computer, which than contacts numerous websites from your computer and starts downloading various adware and malware onto your machine.

The security researchers from iDefense estimated that over 1 million users got infected with exploit. This was discovered by tracking down a Turkish server hosting some of the adware, which also had a built in counter to keep track of how many times the programs were downloaded.

As MySpace remains silent with nothing to say on the subject, we advise you to keep your computers and various software updated, and try switching to other, less vulnerable browsers.

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