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Home » Hacking News » MyDoom.O a search engine crawler worm

MyDoom.O a search engine crawler worm

by Nikola Strahija on December 7th, 2004 A new version of the MyDoom worm is on the loose. What makes this worm diffrent from other versions is the ability to use search eninge in order to find email addresses.

Once the worm has sucessfully infected the victims PC, it tries to find files that are most likely to hold e-mail addresses. Extensions are: PL*, PH*, TX*,HT*,ASP,TBB,SHT*,WAB,ADB and DBX. Email addresses that the worm has collected are used to find other e-mail accounts on the same domain using search engines.

It is interesting to know that the worm authors have implemented a load balancing feature for their worm's search engine function.
The load is divided by:
Google - 45%
Lycos - 22.5%
Yahoo - 20%
Altavista - 12.5%

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