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Music industry demands ISP help

by Ivana Strahija on July 10th, 2006 The Brit music industry is demanding of the Internet Service Providers to take down 59 accounts that are allegedly used to exchange pirated music.

Cable & Wireless and Tiscali, British ISPs, were asked to help the British Phonographic Industry fight the music pirates. Moreover, the BPI is accusing the Internet Providers of carelessness when it comes to copyright issues: -We have said for months that it is unacceptable for ISPs to turn a blind eye to industrial-scale copyright infringement, BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson said.

The BPI has managed to obtain evidence to support its claims, with it handing the ball over to ISPs. Music people are expecting internet providers to shut down accounts in question, without and further ado. Both ISP companies are not very keen on doing so without further investigation.

The BPI obtained the evidence by snooping around file-sharing networks, identifying 42 Cable & Wireless and 17 Tiscali clients who uploaded 'significant' amounts of copyrighted music.

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