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More censorship in China

by Ivana Strahija on April 19th, 2006 The new law makes it illegal for anyone, be it a company or an individual, to have mail servers without a special government license.

The internet reality in China is becoming even scarier. Any free speech or even free thoughts and private correspondence could be banned by the new law. Under the motto of fighting spam, the Chinese have put together a bill, which makes it illegal to have a mail server without a license. To get the license, a service provider must agree to save all the incoming as well as outgoing e-mails for 60 days.

The government sponsored Internet Society of China also called all its members to restrict access to 'unhealthy information', explaining it with care for the young and under-aged. More censorship in China does not surprise, but one has to wonder for how long more will the people stand it?

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