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Home » Hacking News » Mitglieder Trojan spreading across Europe

Mitglieder Trojan spreading across Europe

by Ivana Strahija on November 28th, 2005 A newly discovered Trojan Mitglieder.GB is spreading rapidly across Europe, antivirus experts warned.

The new Trojan is so fast in spreading that it has overtaken the infamous first place on the scale of most frequently detected viruses from Sober.AH. The greatest detection rate is occuring in Europe, mainly in Poland, Belgium and France.

The samples received come from email messages with a variable subject and message body. However, all these messages contain an attachment in zip format that contains a copy of the Trojan.

-We believe that the creators are making a huge effort to distribute it, said Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs.

PandaLabs said that when the Trojan is run, it opens the predefined image viewer in Windows and shows an image of an operating system logo with a white background that is slightly blurred. Once it has been installed, it inserts keys in the Registry to ensure it is run whenever the computer is started up and randomly tries to connect to a series of 50 URLs, which are detailed in its code, in order to access the file z.php, which can be used to download other malware to the system.

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