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Home » Hacking News » Microsoft Word .asd Macro File Execution Vulnerability

Microsoft Word .asd Macro File Execution Vulnerability

by platon on June 1st, 2001 A flaw exists in Word which could allow macros to execute without the user's knowledge. Word does not check .asd files for macros. Therefore; if an .asd file exists in the default location for AutoRecover files, upon opening Word the macros will execute without prompting the user.

The following exploit has been provided by
Steven McLeod <[email protected]>.

"For Windows 98 users, simply copy this file to your temp directory (typically c:windowstemp) and rename it to
original.asd and the next time you load Microsoft Word (by double clicking on any existing word document or just loading the Word executable to create a new document) you will find that original.asd is loaded and its macros are
automatically executed!"

Download the exploit

Discovered/rediscovered and notified Securityfocus via email by Steven McLeod on May 23, 2001.


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