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Microsoft sues Google

by Nikola Strahija on July 20th, 2005 Microsoft has stepped up its rivalry with Google by filing a lawsuit against the search company over the hiring of a former Microsoft employee.

Microsoft alleges in a lawsuit that Kai-Fu Lee is violating a non-competition agreement signed when he was hired at Microsoft. Until Monday, Lee was corporate vice president of Microsoft's Natural Interactive Services Division.
-We are asking the Court to require Dr Lee and Google to honour the confidentiality and non-competition agreements he signed when he began working for Microsoft, the company said.

-Creating intellectual property is the essence of what we do at Microsoft, and we have a responsibility to our employees and our shareholders to protect our intellectual property. As a senior executive, Dr. Lee has direct knowledge of Microsoft’s trade secrets concerning search technologies and China business strategies. He has accepted a position focused on the same set of technologies and strategies for a direct competitor in egregious violation of his explicit contractual obligations.’

Among other things, Microsoft is asking the court to prevent Lee and Google from undertaking any actions that violate Lee's non-compete employment agreement with Microsoft, as well as from "disclosing or misappropriating" any of Microsoft's trade secrets or proprietary information, according to the complaint.

Microsoft is also requesting the court to prohibit Lee or anyone at Google from possibly luring other Microsoft employees away from the company, as well as from destroying any documents, whether written or electronic, that relate in any way to Microsoft's and Google's employment of Lee.
In a statement, Google executives said Microsoft's claims are "completely without merit" and that the company plans to fight the suit.

Google hopes that Lee, who is known for his work in the areas of speech recognition and artificial intelligence, will expand Google's recruitment, research and development efforts in China. The vendor expects to open its new China facility in the third quarter of this year.

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