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Microsoft OneCare not worth it?

by Ivana Strahija on June 17th, 2006 The software giant recently entered the computer security market, releasing all in one package named OneCare, consisting of anti-virus, firewall, system tune-up, backup and antispyware tools.

Since OneCare has hit the market security experts all over the world sarcastically mentioned how this would be paying the Microsoft Company to protect users against threats caused by their own software. But, to put that aside, first impressions of OneCare, available for just under $50 a year, are somewhat unfavorable.

For one thing, the anti-virus lets viruses slide through. The firewall part is more of a nuisance, since you need to authorize every program you want to have an access to the internet. The backup tool fails to backup your email or your bookmarks, but you can also add those folders manually, that is, if you happen to have the right external hardware. You see, the OneCare backup will only do a scheduled backup of your files if you have an 8GB or larger external disk, it will not allow use of USB flash, and every backup on a CD or DVD has to be started manually.

Security experts also dislike the fact that OneCare does not protect you from spam. All in all, it seems that OneCare service is cheaper than the rest of the better known security suits, and is better than having no security tools whatsoever.

But, as with most Microsoft software, OneCare can be made a lot better.

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