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MDKSA-2002:071 - kdegraphics update

by Nikola Strahija on October 25th, 2002 A vulnerability exists in KGhostview, part of the kdegraphics package. It includes a DSC 3.0 parser from GSview then is vulnerable to a buffer overflow while parsing a specially crafted .ps file. It also contains code from gv which is vulnerable to a similar buffer overflow triggered by malformed PostScript and PDF files. This has been fixed in KDE 3.0.4 and patches have been applied to correct these packages.


Updated Packages:

Mandrake Linux 8.1:
c2d0b75d57ed7141f05de798b8ac0d13 8.1/RPMS/kdegraphics-2.2.1-2.1mdk.i586.rpm
14efec4821690276d3509813f7ccb249 8.1/RPMS/kdegraphics-static-devel-2.2.1-2.1mdk.i586.rpm
3c2b3e2f938ae89e068e481a193e709e 8.1/SRPMS/kdegraphics-2.2.1-2.1mdk.src.rpm

Mandrake Linux 8.1/ia64:
e9541d890bdf42c950340d62093188a1 ia64/8.1/RPMS/kdegraphics-2.2.1-2.1mdk.ia64.rpm
0c3488384c0bde4aab5bbdce9418f943 ia64/8.1/RPMS/kdegraphics-static-devel-2.2.1-2.1mdk.ia64.rpm
3c2b3e2f938ae89e068e481a193e709e ia64/8.1/SRPMS/kdegraphics-2.2.1-2.1mdk.src.rpm

Mandrake Linux 8.2:
d96f35aa8104d6cfe342a7eec7547a77 8.2/RPMS/kdegraphics-2.2.2-15.1mdk.i586.rpm
4b4649c446fd2651902c01381f96b9d9 8.2/RPMS/kdegraphics-devel-2.2.2-15.1mdk.i586.rpm
35b7738189dde8b53c62552ec3b45d97 8.2/SRPMS/kdegraphics-2.2.2-15.1mdk.src.rpm

Mandrake Linux 8.2/ppc:
f3d930e65d3bca29219862e19854c4b6 ppc/8.2/RPMS/kdegraphics-2.2.2-15.1mdk.ppc.rpm
10a3a083e4f346adf831bb15a26c9b70 ppc/8.2/RPMS/kdegraphics-devel-2.2.2-15.1mdk.ppc.rpm
35b7738189dde8b53c62552ec3b45d97 ppc/8.2/SRPMS/kdegraphics-2.2.2-15.1mdk.src.rpm

Mandrake Linux 9.0:
f7d812383316839aa45b51ac3787f8c1 9.0/RPMS/kdegraphics-3.0.3-11.1mdk.i586.rpm
b9f0e8cd614063f430d6885b0b60dad3 9.0/RPMS/kdegraphics-devel-3.0.3-11.1mdk.i586.rpm
8026d73141a3fc47ebc875fd3bccc297 9.0/SRPMS/kdegraphics-3.0.3-11.1mdk.src.rpm

Bug IDs fixed (see for more information):


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