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MDaemon IMAP DoS

by Phiber on March 26th, 2001 Some of the commands for the IMAP server do not have proper bounds checking, enabling a user to shutdown the service remotely.It should be noted that a user account is required.The commands affected are SELECT and EXAMINE.The SELECT command selects a mailbox so that messages in it can be accessed.EXAMINE works in the same way as SELECT, however the mailbox is marked as read- only and cannot be modified.


Connect to the service which runs on port 143 default
and login with the username and pass.

* OK company.mail IMAP4rev1 MDaemon 3.5.6 ready


* OK LOGIN completed


Where A is more than 250 characters in length, once
this is sent, MDaemon will send back the following
error before closing the connection and terminating:

1 NO Mailbox does not exist

A restart of the application is needed to resume the
service, no other applications are affected and the
operating system performs as usual.

This is discoverd by nitr0s

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