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Home » Hacking News » Major Italian banking and credit card hacking organization smashed by police

Major Italian banking and credit card hacking organization smashed by police

by Nikola Strahija on January 29th, 2003 Italian hackers broke in to Italian banking systems and copied the credit cards details of approximately 5000 banking customers. Once in possession of the credit card details they went and made large purchases in many stores. Some of the stores were accomplices of the swindle. This criminal organization operated throughout all of Italy.

Italian police say that the wide spread nature of the swindle was the biggest factor that slowed down this extensive investigation. In total the investigation has resulted in the arrest of the 15 participants. searches of 24 homes and businesses. Some accomplices in the scheme owned restaurants, telephone stores, clothing stores, gas stations and other similar small businesses. The police have charged all the participants of commiting a crime using computer's for fraud, counterfeiting, fraudulent use of credit cards, the interception of network communications, illicit access to banking systems and the theft and use of codes to access to systems.

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