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Macromedia Flash security risk

by Nikola Strahija on November 7th, 2005 Macromedia recently warned users of a critical bug in its Flash Player, which allows attackers to take over a system. The bug was discovered by security firm eEye (along with Sec Consult). It demonstrated successful exploit of the bug in Internet Explorer. Other browsers are are also vulnerable.

The bug is due to missing validation of the frame type identifier read from a SWF file, which could be used to force the player to use attacker-supplied values as function pointers, according to eEye. Exploitation via a malicious SWF file allows an attacker to execute malicious code with the same privileges as the user running Flash Player.

-There was a problem with bounds validation for indexes of certain arrays in Flash Player 7 and earlier, leaving open the possibility that a third party could inject unauthorised code that would have been executed by Flash Player, Macromedia said in its advisory.

The flaw affects all Windows versions of Flash Player 6.x and Flash Player and earlier, but has already been addressed in Flash Player 8 (, according to eEye. Macromedia recommended upgrading to Flash Player 8 but also released an update to Flash Player 7 fixing the bug.

Secunia gave the bug a highly critical rating.

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