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Mac OS X security update

by Nikola Strahija on March 3rd, 2006 Apple issued a security update for Mac OS X, fixing 20 vulnerabilities with one blow.

After two worms and two vulnerabilities were found in the course of two weeks, Apple issued a bundle of patches, fixing flaws in question.

Apart from patching the Safari Web browser and Apple Mail client, the company also changed iChat: -iChat now uses Download Validation to warn of unknown or unsafe file types during file transfers, Apple said.

On top of these, Apple addressed four additional security bugs, which could lead to code execution after viewing a malicious Web site or allowing JavaScript to execute in the local domain.

Apple also patched four flaws related to the PHP scripted programming language, two problems in Apple's Directory Services, one bug with mounting of file servers and a vulnerability in FileVault secure storage.

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