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Mac flaws - unpatched and dangerous

by Nikola Strahija on April 22nd, 2006 Seven Mac OS flaws have surfaced on Wednesday. Apple is looking into them and will hopefully plug them soon.

Tom Ferris, an independent security expert, posted seven Apple OS flaws, saying that the most serious one could let hackers secretly run arbitrary code on vulnerable computers.

Most of the bugs stem from Mac OS image file handling and one has been 'silently' repaired in update 10.4.6, while all the others remain unpatched: -All of these were reported to [email protected] the beginning of the year. From what I have been told, they "will be fixed in the next security release", says Ferris.

Apple is, of course, deprecate the unpatched vulnerabilities disclosure, saying that it was well aware of the flaws and is working on producing patches: -I think it is important to note that although these are potential vulnerabilities, there are no known exploits to them and they are not affecting customers today, said Bud Tribble, vice president of Apple's software technology.

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