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Home » Hacking News » Looking forward to Microsoft patch day

Looking forward to Microsoft patch day

by Nikola Strahija on June 9th, 2006 The Redmond company will issue 12 patches, promised to fix ActiveX and Word bugs.

Nine Windows patches, one Exchange and two Office patches will be bundled in next week's Microsoft patch Tuesday.

Apart from patching the hideous Word bug, the other big Micosoft issue, the incompatible way Internet Explorer handles Active X controls, will bring some more worries to already overworked system admins, developers and web designers.

As it turns out, Microsoft will finalize the Active X IE issue in a way that web designers will be forced to reprogram their websites, and some applications will have to be redone by developers.

If those people neglect to do so, their websites and applications will force users to click on a pop up dialog box in order to use a media player or an interactive animation.

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