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Leave your laptop at home

by Nikola Strahija on August 11th, 2006 Following the newest terrorist threats, all passengers on board of British airplanes or boarding planes in the UK are forbidden from taking their laptops, iPods and mobile phones with them to the passenger cabin.

Instead, all electric equipment is to be expected and, if approved, placed in hold (cargo) space of the airplane. In fact, you are not allowed to take any bags, liquids or food into the passenger cabin with you. If you are so unlucky as to travel with a child, you have to test all the milk or formula on yourself in front of an officer to assure it is not poisonous. If you want to take handkerchiefs, pads / tampons and similar items, they must be unboxed. You are not allowed to carry anything in your pockets.

But, let's get back to electronic equipment. The cargo hold and aircraft personnel handling are sure to test your laptop strength. All computer experts agree – now is the time to buy some hard case laptop bags, and always make sure your data is backed up.

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