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KDE 2.2alpha2 is Out

by platon on June 2nd, 2001 The KDE project has released KDE 2.2alpha2. Changelog between KDE 2.1 and 2.2, download links, and additional information within.

KDE Libraries

KTipDialog and KTipDatabase added, for the "tips of the day" feature


Endianness fixes for big endian platforms such as Solaris/SPARC

"out-of-the-box" Solaris support

Threading support via libmcop-mt

MIDI timing improvements

New artsd -s option that allows setting the auto-suspend time

artsshell status now displays all of the server audio parameters

New artsshell autosuspend option to change auto-suspend time

New artsd -m option that passes reporting of sound server errors to an external program

New artsmessage program which displays artsd errors using a KDE dialog

KDE sound control panel now allows setting the auto-suspend timeout and the message display program. The artsmessage command is enabled by default.

New artsd -N and -w options for setting larger network buffers




Kdict, a dictionary program, has been added to kdenetwork.

Kdict is a graphical client for the DICT protocol. It enables you to search through dictionary-like databases for a word or phrase, then displays suitable definitions.

Kdict has support for all protocol features, a separate list of matching words for advanced queries, configurable database sets, a browser-like user interface, convenient interaction with the X-clipboard, configurable HTML output and printing.


IMAP support

Non-blocking sending

Only the selected part of a mail will be quoted on reply

Delete old messages from the trash folder on exit

Collapsable threads

Multiple PGP identities

Bind an SMTP server to an identity

Better procmail support via the local account

Searching for messages is much faster


New scoring system:

User definable scoring rules with conditions based on the overview data and configurable actions (currently score value adjustment and notification)

Full-fledged regular expressions which can be used in scoring and filter conditions.

Reduced memory consumption. Its now configurable how much RAM is used to cache article bodies and headers.

Improved article handling:

User-defined folders

DnD between folders and groups

Convenient mbox-folder import/export

Nice in-place renaming of accounts, folders and groups

New menu option that expires all groups of the current account and a option that compacts all folders on demand.

New expire-feature:
delete article headers that aren't available on the server

Implemented "Smart Scrolling" (TM) in the listviews and in the groupbrowser

Reading news articles:

Proper handling of crossposted articles, they are marked as read simutaneously in all groups.

Added option to retreive the article source

New menu option:
fetch an article by message-id

Added option to retreive an article from if it's unavailable on the local server

Trailing empty lines can be stripped from incoming articles

Highlighting of "news:" and "mailto:" urls, all email-addresses and msgids

It's now configurable what characters are recognized as quote signs

It's now possible to disable the fancy header decorations, saves space on small displays
The word wrap behaviour of the article widget is now configurable

Enhancements of the article composer

Optional integration of KMail and other external mail programs

Full support for the Mail-Copies-To header

Added placeholder for the group name in the attribution line

Support for dynamically generated signatures

Added option to place the cursor below the attribution line, not above the signature (off by default)

Implemented forwarding of articles with attachments

Files can now be attached to an article with Drag&Drop

Improved article filters and search function:

Filter rules for numerical values are more flexible now, its possible to filter something like "x < value" or "x > value", not just ranges.

Its now possible to filter on the message-id and references header

The search function can show complete threads now (optionally)

Network related improvements:

Articles are no fetched via article number instead of article-id to avoid problems with broken newsservers

Enhanced dupe protection, utilizing the "recommended id" feature of newer inn's

Shows a password-dialog when the server requests authentication

Support for IPv6 and SOCKS-proxies


Properties dialog now shows free disk space on current partition, e.g. "39.7MB/968.3MB (90% used)"

New configuration for whether to start a new process for new windows or reuse an existing one
New configuration for user-defined CSS stylesheets
Proxy support re-engineered, socks and IPv6 support added (in kdelibs)

Save toolbar layout in profile

Fixes for full-screen mode

Fixes for reload, detects mimetype changes
"Enter" button in the toolbar



Support for history navigation (back/forward/go...)

Javascript: Garbage collector fixes


New xchat-like MDI Mode added


Added libkscreensaver to ease development of KDE screensavers


KBattelship, the KDE implementation of the famous "battle ship" board game, has been moved to kdegames.

You can play it via network or internet.

Kooka + libkscan (kdegraphics)

KDE wide scanner support added

Kooka - Scanning Application added


Kandy is a new application, which has been added to the kdepim module.

Synchronizes phonebook data from mobile phones with the KDE address book.

Provides a terminal application for communication with the mobile phone.

Supports phones with GSM compatible modem

"What's next" view

Journal feature

Switch to iCalendar as default file format

Active remote calendar

Sending events via KMail

Tip of the Day

HTML export of month view

Experimental project view (Gantt diagram)

"Percent Completed" setting for todos


Synchronization of address book

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