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Joke website downed

by Nikola Strahija on March 13th, 2003 A controversial American website that pokes fun at the French and Germans has been brought down by hackers. and has been deluged with emails from German cyber saboteurs, the site says.

Shortly before Friday's cyber attack, the website's creator received a warning that he would be shown "what happens when you post a nationalist site like this on the Internet", Fox News reported.


"Apparently (the hacker) was very sophisticated," creator 'Yankee Doodle' said.

"People at the server outfit said they had never seen one that sophisticated before."

The website has become cult viewing across America after France and Germany came together to form an entente cordiale against war on Iraq.

It features anti-European jokes by America's stand-up comedians and chatshow hosts along with songs cartoons and product boycotts.

But anyone trying to log on to the site receives the message: "Our main sites are down due to anti-US hackers in Germany. We will not give up. God Bless America."


The site was attacked on Friday and again on Monday and remains offline.

It has received around 500,000 visitors in the its first few weeks and some 500 emails a day - many of them critical.

Despite the controversy, Mr Doodle said Americans had the right to read such material on the Web.

"The sites were set up as a place for Americans to get together and discuss their feelings," he said.

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