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Home » Hacking News » Japan: Hacked Web Sites Being Rewritten with Anti-USA Material

Japan: Hacked Web Sites Being Rewritten with Anti-USA Material

by platon on May 21st, 2001 Tokyo, 17 May: The National Police Agency said Thursday [17 May] it has received a total of 97 complaints that local government and private company web sites have been hacked and rewritten to include content slandering the US government.

In response to the rise in such cases, the agency also urged 18 companies selling computers for servers with "Solaris" operating systems to request customers apply programmes designed to counter such activity.

Solaris is an operating system developed by Sun Microsystems Inc. of the United States. When a computer programme that can rewrite breaks into a computer equipped with Solaris, the programme automatically copies itself and via the Internet is able to access different computers successively.

A rewriting programme can also infiltrate computers equipped with Windows NT operating system developed by Microsoft Corp. of the US, but in Windows NT it can only rewrite a web site and stops short of copying itself.

The agency's officials said that until now hackers themselves had been doing rewriting in such incidents. But for the first time hackers are sending programmes into computer systems to automatically rewrite web sites.

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