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Internet Explorer Vulnerability

by phiber on August 11th, 2001 Bugtraq is crowded with messages about the latest Windows/Internet Explorer vulnerability. It is exploited by running a simple command - renaming a file.


Try to copy some .bat file to your desktop. Rename the file to some url. (eg. www.some.url). Go to IE and type the name of the file (www.some.url). The file will get executed.

- This can be used by a malicious attacker to exploit any known IE bug and create a batch file which will format your hard drive, for example. The most important thing while exploiting this vulnerability is to name the file with some famous site + .bat. Like :-)

- We have a verified test using this vulnerability by renaming an EXE file to URL on Win2k service pack 2.


Any suggestions? Post a comment below if you know any.

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